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Wire cloth and monofilament reeds

Our reeds are manufactured by paying great attention to the homogeneity of the heavy duty dent.

The wire cloth and monofilament reeds are assembled by paying particular attention to the dent thickness, for the purpose to obtain the passage that best suits to the yarn thickness. The wax polish allows improving the profile quality.

The production of these reeds may be carried out in both duraflex and soldering. The choice depends on the type of item and the required density

All values above are expressed in mm.

 Wire ClothMonofilament
Density by 100 mm 180 300
Dent thickness from 0,30 to 1,50 from 0,20 to 1,50
Reed height 200 11
Reed width 4.000 4.500
Dent width 5,00 – 6,00 – 7,00 – 8,00 – 10,00 5,00 – 6,00 – 7,00 – 8,00
Stainless steel yes yes
Tempered steel yes yes


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